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LINE Rangers 第三季即將開始!11項主要更新內容搶先看

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LINE Rangers銀河特攻隊第三季終於公布開放時間了,即將在11/19下午4點半後開放!其中總共發佈了11項的主要更新,讓我們來詳細看看有哪些內容!記得在開放前先去事前登錄唷!
1. 調整購買紅寶石與金幣的回饋數量
2. 扭蛋更新
3. 全Rangers能力值更新
Rangers將分為力量型、敏捷型 、智慧型三種類別,而Rangers的能力值也將一併調整。
4. 升級
5. PVP
6. 主要關卡
7. 特殊關卡
8. Ranger升級
9. 每日登入活動獎勵變更
10. 終止超級李奧納德日


1. New bonus rates for Ruby and Coin purchases
Bonus received from purchases of Rubies and Coins have been increased.
2. Gacha Renewal
Skill Rangers will be rewarded from Gacha.
(Gacha prices and product composition will be revised)
3. Skill re-balancing for all Rangers
All Rangers will be re-classified as Strength, Agility and Intelligence types and their statistics will be adjusted to fit each type. As new Ranger types can co-exist together, new strategy will be needed for the PVP mode. (New adjustment does not mean you can dispose of the Rathalos Brown)
4. Statistics
General upgrade cost will be lowered.
In-battle mineral upgrade effects will be boosted while mineral production speed is slowed.
(You’ll need to make strategic decision whether to produce Rangers to start the battle or to upgrade mineral production)
5. PVP
Rankings from existing team battles and Ruby rewards are eliminated, but gear items can be purchased from the league rewards received from your own league play.
(Ruby rewards will be dependent on league achievements)
6. Main Stages
While the overall stage balance remains unchanged from Season 2, you may see some difference from Ranger balance changes. (Enemy boss gets a bit stronger)
7. Special Stages
To help out with leveling up, entrance time, feathers, and rewards for the Special Stages will be adjusted. We will also add auto-mode as well.
(This means no more boring Special Stages just to get Super Leonard)
8. Rangers Level UP
Level up effect from synthesis will be boosted. Comparatively, leveling up from game play will be decreased.
9. Daily attendance reward changes
Rewards for the attendance event will be enhanced to make it a much worthwhile event.
(Just don’t be surprised that we don’t have a reward for this Thursday)
10. End of Super Leonard Day
Due to changes in Special Stage rewards and Gacha renewal, we will no longer have Super Leonard Days.
(Don’t worry as we got something up our sleeve to replace this)
11. Feather regeneration time and reward changes
Feather reward for logging in has been eliminated and feather regeneration time has been adjusted to match the overall changes to the game balance.
(We will make up for the deficiency in feathers with various events)

>> 進入《LINE Rangers》遊戲專區,一手掌握遊戲攻略和資訊 <<